Information Sharing

NINGO facilitates the exchange of information amongst International NGOs operating in Rwanda and the region. Information sharing covers news from the Network, broader civil society in Rwanda

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As a Network member, INGOs become part of a strong community of organizations and individuals working to help build a just world, and share knowledge and experiences through Network dialogues.

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NINGO is a network that brings together more than 50 International NGOs, providing a platform to represent the interests of all its members through policy dialogue with the Government, donor community,

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INGO Work in Rwanda

Another of NINGO’s core objectives is to promote the awareness and contribution of international and local civil society to development in Rwanda.

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We are committed to respect the dignity, culture and customs of the communities we work with.

We will strive to provide effective and efficient allocations of resources prioritised to address the felt needs of participants, with the understanding that our institutions have limited resources and are not able to satisfy all needs.


We will be truthful in all our activities and uphold the moral & ethical integrity of our organisations.

We will ensure that our relationships with donors allow us to remain independent.


We will exercise and promote fairness, impartiality and equity in all our dealings with interested parties, community partners and the general public.

We will ensure that our programs’ work, policies and procedures do not promote any form of discrimination against any person(s).


We will be transparent and accountable in all our dealings with the Government and community partners, the public, donors and other interested parties.

We will be truthful and honest in matters related to the raising, using and accounting for funds.


Although we will always respect community values and traditions, we shall strive to maintain our autonomy and resist conditionalities that may compromise our missions and principles.

We shall strive, where appropriate, to support the objectives of the Rwandan government in our programming, while we shall strive to maintain our automomy, formulating our own policies and strategies, independent of the influence of any government.


Our aid and development programmes will be designed in full consultation with communities and other stakeholders.

We will endeavour to work towards self-reliance of the communities and community partners we work with.

Membership Policy

INGOs that are eligible to be members are those who adhere and accept the code of conduct and Internal Rules & Regulations of the Network and fulfil the following criteria:


The Network of International NGOs (NINGO) is an umbrella forum that brings together more than 50 International NGOs, which support the people of Rwanda through humanitarian and development work in cooperation with local partners, and government authorities..

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NINGO Values


NINGO members are committed to conform to the Constitution, laws and regulations of Rwanda and to support the development objectives of the Rwandan Government.  Notwithstanding this commitment, NINGO will strive to maintain its autonomy as a Network, formulating its own policies and strategies and advocating for change, with government, donors and other ‘stakeholders’, as and when we believe it necessary.  Further, our desire is that the thousands of Rwandans who are gainfully employed by INGO’s are positive promoters and advocates for the continuing development of Rwanda.

NINGO and its members stand committed to make every effort to uphold these values in all circumstances.